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Explore an innovative pedagogy that provides an unwavering commitment to IGCSE and A Level excellence.

The Charterhouse Advantage

Future Ready Education

Meticulously designed programmes to equip students with the skills to navigate the world and become “Future Ready.”

Cultivating Problem-Solvers

Our Design Thinking processes empower students to become adept problem solvers, impacting their communities.

Empowering Learners For Life

We cultivate enduring human and ethical qualities that produce an agile mind adapted to a changing world.

Class of 2023 Outstanding A Level Results

With our effective teaching methods and students’ dedication, we have managed to score with flying colours in the latest A Level examinations

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Nurturing the Path to Elite Universities

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically, make positive contributions, and inspire others within their school, family, and professional spheres.

Academic Focus on
Pre-University Education

Our curriculum is tailored for pre-university education. From IGCSE Foundation to IGCSE and A Level, our teaching philosophies prepare students for the world’s best universities and beyond. Charterhouse’s accomplished teaching faculty expertly guides students through these pivotal stages, maximizing their university acceptance opportunities.

Developing Leaders & Future Ready Individuals

Through our Charterhouse Forum and student-empowered environment, we develop leaders who can bring a positive impact in their communities. Using innovative concepts such as Spectra Smarts, Design Thinking and Independent Learning Project (ILP), our students are nurtured to become well-rounded high achievers.

Our Curriculumn

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically, make positive contributions, and inspire others within their school, family, and professional spheres.

Our Curriculumn

At Charterhouse Malaysia, we foster well-rounded individuals who excel academically, make positive contributions, and inspire others within their school, family, and professional spheres.

IGCSE Foundation

Designed for high-achieving students in Year 9 or Year 10 with great potential. Our IGCSE Foundation provides a head start on the journey to becoming holistic and successful individuals. With a strong emphasis on IGCSE content, we ensure that students build a solid academic foundation.


Through our rigorous IGCSE curriculum, we lay the groundwork for academic excellence and nurture the development of critical thinking, research skills, and subject knowledge. We prepare students for the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations which are widely accepted by universities in the UK, the USA, Australia, and around the world.

A Level

The A Level programme provides a challenging academic experience that combines traditional subjects with innovative approaches. Our robust and formal curriculum prepares students for the Cambridge International A Level examinations. More than that, we equip students with the tools and knowledge needed for a successful transition to university life.

4-Year Pathway

Our 4-year pathway (Years 10-13) prepares students for the IGCSE and A Level examinations. This pathway prepares students for admission into the world’s leading universities. We inspire and empower our students to go beyond the minimum, to develop their full potential and to truly stand out from the crowd. This preparation starts at Year 10, where students are nurtured towards excellent academic results, building strong character, serving the community and much more.

Our Educational Programmes

Spectra Smarts
Our innovative Spectra Smarts framework integrates seven strands of intelligence into every aspect of our educational journey, encompassing academics and activities.
Design Thinking
Design thinking prepares students for the future by combining human attributes with technology, fostering adaptability, innovation, and collaboration.
Independent Learning Projects (ILP)
A four-year and two-year programme that offers students a transformative learning journey. The ILP cultivates their curiosity, creativity, and ability to make a positive impact.
The Incubator
This innovative space is designed to support students in developing their passions, talents, and interests in a creative, collaborative, and supportive environment.

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Why Study at Charterhouse Malaysia?

A specialised school centred around IGCSE & A Level distinctions, made for high-achieving and highly motivated students.

Small Classrooms

With small class sizes, individual attention is optimised to produce a conducive and effective learning environment. 

IGCSE Foundation – 18 students per class

IGCSE – 18 students per class

A Level – 14 students per class

400- Year Heritage

Charterhouse Malaysia integrates 400-year-old traditions from one of Britain’s most reputable public schools with modern teaching and learning pedagogies to shape a distinctive education suited to Asia and an ever-evolving world.

Offers From The Top Universities

Our curriculum is built on participation and relationships, with a strong emphasis on independent study and research. Our students have received offers and participated in interviews from renowned institutions such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol, as well as Ivy League universities and other top global universities.

Community Partnership

The Charterhouse Community Partnership (CCP) is a platform that empowers students, alumni, parents and staff to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. The CCP operates under a unique student-lead structure with student leaders mentored by parents, alumni and staff. This approach takes the traditional concept of Parent Teacher Association to new heights, emphasising on our students’ growth and development.

Charterhouse Forum

The Charterhouse Forum supports student initiatives and allows them to lead and pursue their interests and lifestyle. Join the Music Society, Oxbridge Society, Medical and Law Societies, Engineering Club or Sports Teams to showcase talents, explore career aspirations, and foster a healthy lifestyle. Students can also propose new clubs and societies aligned with their passions and aspirations.

IGNITE Future Pathways

IGNITE, Charterhouse Malaysia's flagship Future Pathways programme, offers exceptional university and career guidance, creating personalised roadmaps to success for our students based on their passions, skills, and aspirations. Through the Charterhouse Portfolio, UNIFROG exploration, and internship opportunities, students document their growth and gain invaluable real-world experience, empowering them to thrive in the ever-evolving world.

Success Stories

Hear from our proud alumni who have made Charterhouse a notable name in the academic sphere

Charterhouse Malaysia has provided me with an unparalleled schooling experience. The supportive community has propelled me towards excellence, and the school's environment is ideal for learning. The conducive learning atmosphere has nurtured my growth, while Design Thinking has honed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

- Nicholas Chan
Medicine, King’s College London

My experience at Charterhouse Malaysia has been truly holistic and intensive, nurturing my mind through academics, my body through sports and extracurricular activities, and my soul through giving back to society. With the invaluable tools and unwavering support from Charterhouse, I feel confident and prepared to overcome any future obstacles that come my way.

- Aisyah Sophea
Psychology, University of Bath

The small class size and close-knit community at Charterhouse Malaysia has brought us together, fostering strong communication and lasting relationships among students. The supportive staff and small class sizes allowed us to know our teachers better, enabling us to receive more individualised support and guidance. The innovative Spectra Smarts programme and effective teaching methods have greatly contributed to my growth as a student, making me more confident and capable in my academic journey.

- Ian Zafir Haris
Mathematics & Computer Science, Imperial College London

At Charterhouse, I found a community that is incredibly supportive and nurturing. The close-knit relationships we forge here have truly helped me excel. Through their emphasis on critical thinking and encouraging us to think outside the box, Charterhouse has empowered me to become more confident and independent. I also appreciate how the core values they implement align with those of my family, making me feel right at home.

- Tristan Paul
Mathematics & Statistic, Warwick University

Since I joined Charterhouse Malaysia, my leadership skills have improved significantly, and I now feel much more confident when communicating with others. Notably, my public speaking abilities have seen remarkable progress. The supportive and encouraging environment at Charterhouse Malaysia has been instrumental in fostering these positive changes, empowering me to become a more effective and self-assured individual.

- Nisha Parhar
Medicine, RUMC - UCD

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Designed to be a transitory bridge between school and university, conducive for learning & self-discovery. Tour around the facilities built for high-achieving pre-university students.

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